Find interesting rows. Now.

ListFilter lets you do live-search over lines of text and shows matching rows.

You can import text from plain text files, RTF-files, HTML pages, MS Word documents and some PDF-documents. Or just copy-paste from any document.

Why ListFilter?

Finding information in this day and age should be easy and fast. There's Spotlight and Google to find documents on your computer or on the web. There's myriad of database engines to build custom solutions on. So why ListFilter?

A lot of information is still maintained in lists. These might be simple text files, word documents or excel documents. Lists like country dialing codes, postal codes, E-codes for food additives, company costing account numbers or department codes and the like.

People keep these files around and use "find" to jump from line to line. It's so irritating. ListFilter lets you do live search that shows only matching rows. See the not-matching lines fade away as you type your search.

Buy from Mac App Store (requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or newer).

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